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    Wali, an ex-sniper, leaves Canada to fight the Islamic state. He meets two Americans: Rebaz and Zyrian. One is a veteran of the war in Iraq. The other is a homosexual idealist. They meet the Kurds, a welcoming people. Together, they will confront the fanatical Islamic terrorists.

    Beside Heroes, an uncensored documentary that tells the tale of three volunteer fighters who realized that to change the world, you have to act.

    Directed by Wali.

    Now available online and on Blu-ray (NTSC)!

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  • Buy the documentary!

    The documentary of 1 hour 38 minutes is now available online and on Blu-ray (NTSC)!

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  • Wali

    I am mostly known for beeing a volunteer fighting against the Islamic state. Following this adventure, I produced and directed a documentary (Beside Heroes). This project was widely publicized (first pages of newspapers, radios, TV shows like Tout le monde en parle, etc.). This film was done with less than 5% of the budget of an equivalent project.

    I am currently a consultant in security and in Middle Eastern culture for several official organizations. I also provide military expertise, technical advice and scriptwriting assistance for several television productions in Canada and the United States.

    I wrote two books, The Nameless Traveler, as well as The Oher Side of the Lens (a photographic book on Afghanistan).

    I am also a soundtracks composer, screenwriter, photo director and director.

    My motto: + = -

    That is to say: make more or the same with less.

    You can contact me by following this link.

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